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Travel Smart: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Luggage Secure with Padlocks

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

When it comes to travelling, one of the most important aspects that people often overlook is luggage security. Whether you're taking a flight, a cruise, or any other form of transportation, it's crucial to keep your belongings safe and secure. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by using padlocks on your luggage. SKIP TO TRIPLIST RECOMMENDATIONS.

Padlocks have been used for centuries to keep valuable items safe and secure, and they continue to be an essential tool for travellers today. With the rise of air travel and the prevalence of theft and pilferage, it's more important than ever to keep your luggage secure.

The first step in ensuring your luggage is secure is to use a strong and sturdy padlock. There are many types of padlocks available on the market, but it's important to choose one that is made from durable materials and has a secure locking mechanism. Look for padlocks that are made from high-quality metals such as steel or brass, and that have a combination or key locking mechanism.

When it comes to packing your luggage, it's important to keep in mind that your bags may be subjected to rough handling during transport. Therefore, it's important to pack your items in a way that minimizes the risk of damage or loss. Use sturdy suitcases or travel bags that are designed to withstand rough handling, and use packing cubes or other organizational tools to keep your items secure and protected.

Once you've packed your bags, it's time to add your padlocks. Make sure to lock your bags securely, and use multiple locks if necessary to ensure maximum security. If you're travelling by air, it's important to consider the use of locks approved by the TSA (USA Transportation Security Administration), which can be opened by airport security personnel if necessary. This will prevent your locks from being damaged or cut during inspection.

Another important tip for keeping your luggage secure during transport is to keep an eye on your bags at all times. If you're travelling by air, don't leave your bags unattended at the airport, and make sure to keep an eye on them during the boarding process. On a cruise, keep your bags with you or store them in a secure location such as your cabin or a designated luggage storage area.

In addition to using padlocks and keeping a watchful eye on your bags, it's also a good idea to label your luggage with your name and contact information. This will help ensure that your bags are returned to you if they are lost or misplaced during transport.

In conclusion, keeping your luggage secure during transport is essential for any traveller. By using strong and sturdy padlocks, packing your bags properly, and keeping a watchful eye on your belongings, you can help ensure that your items arrive at your destination safe and sound. So, before you embark on your next adventure, make sure to take the necessary steps to keep your luggage secure.


The ZHEGE Luggage Locks are a great option for travellers who want to keep their luggage secure. These locks are TSA approved, meaning that airport security officers can open them without damaging them. The combination padlocks are easy to use, with a flip-and-set button for code setting, and the big white numbers make them easy to read even in low light. The resettable 4-digit combination allows for 10,000 possible combinations, making them much harder to crack than 3-digit locks. The suitcase lock body is made of high-strength zinc alloy, making it tough enough to survive rough baggage handling. The flexible cable design allows it to thread through multiple zippers at any angle, making it a versatile choice for various types of luggage. Overall, these locks provide great security and are backed by a one-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and 24/7 customer care.


The eLinkSMART padlock is a fingerprint padlock that allows for quick unlocking using up to 15 different fingerprints, with two administrator fingerprints that can manage the device. The padlock has a small size and is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel for superior cut resistance. It is USB rechargeable with a long standby time of up to 6 months and can be used in various settings, such as gym lockers, gates, cabinets, suitcases, and bikes. The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 6 months of free repair, but fingerprints must be unregistered prior to return.

A great option for travellers as it can be used to secure suitcases and luggage. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in a bag or pocket, and the ability to record multiple fingerprints allows for easy access for multiple people. Additionally, the padlock's superior cut resistance provides an added layer of security for valuable items while traveling.

Overall, the fingerprint padlock is a convenient and reliable choice for securing suitcases and luggage while traveling.


The OW-Travel TSA-approved luggage lock provides peace of mind for travellers by preventing luggage damage caused by TSA inspectors. Made of robust Zinc Alloy and a toughened plastic-coated steel cable, these padlocks are nearly impossible to cut through with regular tools. With no numbers, dials or passcodes to reset, the padlocks are easy to use and come with two keys each. Suitable for use on suitcases, backpacks, gym lockers, and more, these padlocks are lightweight and portable. OW-Travel offers a satisfaction guarantee and multiple pack options for their TSA locks, making them an excellent investment for any traveller. With the added security of a TSA-approved lock, travellers can enjoy their trip without worrying about the safety of their luggage.


FortLocks offers a premium and durable combination padlock that is perfect for travellers looking for reliable and secure locks. Made from high-strength zinc alloy lock bodies, hardened steel shackles, and patented internal mechanisms, these weatherproof padlocks are designed to withstand force and last a lifetime. With a set-your-own four-digit combination password and 10,000 unique combinations, you can easily personalize your lock for extra security, without the need for keys.

These padlocks can be used for a variety of items inside or outside, including gym lockers, middle school lockers, work lockers, sport and employee lockers, outdoor fences, utility boxes, containers, hasps, gates, cabinets, storage, toolboxes, and cases. Additionally, the bright orange colour makes them easy to spot and identify. With a 100% lifetime guarantee and a no questions asked money-back guarantee, you can trust that your belongings are safe and secure with FortLocks padlocks. These locks are the perfect investment for anyone looking for a reliable and sturdy lock for their suitcase, backpack, or any other travel gear.


The unique design of this TSA approved lock is not only stylish but also functional. Its straight barrel and cable stem provide a distinctive appearance, while also making it easy to use on a variety of travel items, such as suitcases, backpacks, and duffle bags. Plus, the lock is Travel Sentry compliant, so it can be inspected and re-locked by airport security without causing any damage.

All locks in the package are keyed alike, which means that each lock can be opened with any key included in the package, making it convenient for travellers to use multiple locks with ease.

This lock is not only useful for travel purposes but also has multiple uses beyond luggage. It can be used on gym lockers, computer bags, briefcases, and even purses, providing an extra level of security.

It's worth noting that this lock is an international product, which means that its terms, instructions, and labelling may differ from local products. However, it's still a reliable and durable option for travellers looking for a unique and TSA-approved lock to secure their belongings during travel.



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