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Scratch Your Way to Adventure: The Magic of Scratch Maps



If you are a traveller or someone who loves exploring new places, then you must have heard of scratch maps. Scratch maps are a popular tool among travellers, which helps them to keep track of the places they have visited. In this article, we will discuss what scratch maps are, how they work, and why people use them.

What are scratch maps?

Scratch maps are world maps that are coated with a layer of gold foil that can be scratched off. The idea behind the scratch map is to scratch off the places you have visited, revealing a colourful and detailed map underneath. These maps are often used as a fun and interactive way to keep track of the places you have been to and also as a source of motivation to visit new places.

How do scratch maps work?

Scratch maps work on a simple principle. The map is designed with a layer of gold foil over each country or region. When you visit a new country or region, you can scratch off the corresponding gold foil layer, revealing a vibrant and colorful map underneath. The more places you visit, the more the map becomes colorful and detailed.

Why do people use scratch maps?

There are several reasons why people use scratch maps:

  • As a fun and interactive way to keep track of the places you have been to, offering a sense of accomplishment as you scratch off each country or region and provide a visual representation of your own personal travel history

  • They can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, inspiring you to explore new places and travel to destinations you may not have considered before

  • As a great conversation starter and a way to share your travel stories with friends and family

  • They make for great decorative pieces, and are available in a variety of styles and designs, from classic world maps to maps of specific countries or regions, they can be hung on walls or displayed on desks, adding a touch of personality and colour to any room

Scratch maps are a fun and interactive way to keep track of your travel adventures. They offer a sense of accomplishment, serve as a source of inspiration, and make for great decorative pieces. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or just starting to explore the world, scratch maps are an excellent tool to help you keep track of your travel history and inspire you to explore new places.


The Scratch The World® Travel Map is an extra-large poster-sized world map that features cartographic detail and a gold coating that can be scratched off to reveal a colorful and detailed political map underneath. Measuring 84 x 59 cm, it includes country and city details, hill shading, and state outlines on both the scratch coating and the mapping underneath. This scratch-off map is a great gift for travellers and young explorers and is delivered in a gift tube to ensure it arrives undamaged. Maps International is the Oxford-based company behind this product, with over 50 years of experience in cartography and a focus on high-quality finishes and design.

They offer the following different scratch maps:


The Global Walkabout Scratch Off Map is a deluxe travel-sized world map poster that features either a a black or white background with a gold foil coating that can be scratched off to reveal colourful country flags and information underneath. Made in the UK with sustainable paper and cardboard, this A3-sized scratch-off map measures 42.3 x 30 cm and is perfectly portable, making it an ideal poster for small rooms or for taking on your travels. The map comes beautifully packaged in a tube for neat storage and easy transportation, making it a great gift for any travel enthusiast. The recipient can record their travels country by country and scratch off the gold foil to show where they've been.



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